Unhealthy Toast and New Investigators

Hey Family and friends,

I hope that you are all doing well! This has been quite a week. I am quite enjoying being in a car with cool air conditioning blowing against my face and having fun Christian songs on. It’s a new experience.  Well I’ve got quite the funny story for you concerning toast. One of our investigators that we are teaching, named Willie, made us quite the toast. Willie is an older man, kind of blind, has a nice big beer belly and was just getting over being sick. This is my first time meeting him, and he said he wanted to give us some delicious homemade cinnamon toast. With his funny beer belly sticking out of his shirt, he goes into to make us toast right after he told us he just recovered from being really sick. After a lot of “oh no’s” and clattering of pans, he came out with this squishy, nasty, soaked in I don’t know what toast. Let’s just say that my stomach was not happy after eating it! Haha  So that is my unhealthy toast experience for the week.

Then we had a cool miracle on Sunday. A member of the ward brought two people who are looking into investigating the church. This was their first time at church and they really enjoyed the experience.  We have a return appointment with them next Sunday! Their names are Daryl and Andrea and we are very excited to help them learn more about the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I am so thankful for the opportunity we have every week to partake of the sacrament.  The sacrament is such a special opportunity to remember our Savior’s grace and love for us. It is a good opportunity to have a fresh start and to recharge our spiritual battery. I invite you all to take time to think of Christ and to focus on His love for you and how proud He is of you when you take the sacrament. I love you all so much!  Keep being the best Christian, disciples of Christ, you can become! ❤

Love, Sister Jenna LeBaron

Arizona Sunsets!

7-17 #6

Funny mat we saw while out tracting.

Sister Mason is the best!

7-17 #10


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